Tower Hamlets Fairness Commission Report

Valuable, interesting and easy to read, the Tower Hamlets Fairness Commission Report offers a detailed analysis of the problems of gentrification and enduring poverty.

The most visible symbol of investment in Tower Hamlets though is the shining towers of Canary Wharf. Now a global financial hub it has created hundreds of thousands of jobs and brought considerable wealth to the borough: The Tower Hamlets economy is worth £6billion per year, more than Monaco, Malta and Jersey, and provides 230,000 jobs, 60,000 more than there are working age residents. That wealth has not trickled down to most of its residents though. 49 percent of children in the borough live in poverty, the highest proportion in the country, there are significant health inequalities within the population. A fifth of households have an annual income of under £15,000, wheras the average salary of people who work in the borough is £78,000, the 2nd highest rate in UK. 10% of working age residents earn £100,000 or more, compared to 2% in London.


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